Building Community 1 home at a time


As an Idaho native, I have a passion for our State and want to help impact a positive future for our Region. As we change, I want to help grow our communities with new friends and families that see our unique qualities and want to come join the fun while maintaining our Idaho culture.



For the past ten years, I have been creating a vibrant community during my employment with Idaho First Bank here in McCall. I have 27 years of financial experience that can help bring your transaction to a close. I also have 10 years experience as a Realtor in the Treasure Valley. I have been a Custom Home Builder along with my family for 35 years. I have a thorough understanding of the real estate market and know what it takes to champion a client’s needs.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell I have the knowledge and background to help you through the transaction and to final closing.



Client Reviews

Sherry is an absolute delight to work with! She is honest, kind and professional. She is hard working, detail oriented and is great with people. Her many years of customer service background will ensure that you are taken care of!
- Ashley

Sherry is an enthusiastic person both in the work environment and day to day. She was my biggest confidant always giving back extraordinary advice, guiding me to make my own decisions without being to pushy or over involved. Sherry drives to make sure all her clients are happy and satisfied. I would choose Sherry over and over again. Words can’t explain how truly wonderful Sherry is between her work ethic, creativity and strong leadership skills. She strives to make sure everyone understands and agrees with a decision.
- Kimberly

If you are looking for a trustworthy, professional,honest realtor then look no further. Sherry will take your individual needs and go above and beyond to give you a positive stress-free result. I would highly recommend Sherry for all real estate needs.
- Alisha

Sherry is always there when you need her, with a smiling face and an attitude to match. Whether it’s for professional help, advice, or simply a shoulder to lean on, Sherry can always be counted on. She cares most about her clients and community so she strives daily to make sure they come first. There are no limits to the lengths Sherry will go to make sure you are satisfied with whatever you ask of her. She is a professional, hard working, kind, and caring woman you will love working with.
- Amber